About Us

Yellow Ant Design is a boutique freelance turn-key solution provider ran by a family of Aussies currently residing in Europe. I'm Robert, and have been building web sites, applications, web shops and catalogs since mid 2000's, am a developer, and a PHP programmer. //I also prototype games as a hobby (Unity, C#), do 3D animations and scenes, love spreadsheets and databases, and do homework with my kids. On the off chance there's any time left, I game a little (or a lot) when everyone's asleep. I've been using Joomla! CMS as the platform of choice for past 17 years.

The past

I started programming at the age of 12, started building sheets and databases at around 17, and started doing web development at around 30, back in 2005 as a side job. The first ever project was an online store. Being in sales at the time, and having the knowhow, it made all the sense. I opened my own online store back in 2008 based in Melbourne, which is still around (sold in 2014) and ran the whole operation from sales to purchasing, development and customer service. After the sale of business in 2014, I remained as a consultant, developer, and content and product manager until mid 2021. During this whole time, I developed, administered and ran many other websites, shops, catalogues and custom applications, as well as a number of mobile and desktop apps and game prototypes. In 2019, for the first time in well over a decade I accepted a full time position in an agency, and in 2021 moved to a bigger one.

The focus on the quality of the projects I took on has always been number one priority. I believe aesthetics, functionality, longevity and user experience are the key factors in a successful project, and ones that should never be compromised on. Important part of helping plan your project is the advice we bring to the table, and it comes from experience in all walks of life. Taking into account what functionality or services you may make use of not just now, but in a year, two or four.

The present

At the moment of writing this, I am in the process of going back to full time freelance as I have done since 2008. Had it not been for all the insecurity and craziness over Covid, this would have happened in 2020/2021. Having a family to take care of, it was too risky at the time, but now I believe the time to be both right, and overdue. I never stopped freelancing, it only took a back seat for a couple of years, and I'm very excited to be working on variety of projects on full time basis again. Both building solutions for clients, building own solutions, and should time permit, some r'n'r and private projects.

To address the elephant (or rather the ant :) ) in the room, why 'yellow ant'? It's an invasive species of ants after all. Well it's silly, but it's a nickname I got still as a teen (ant since I always did stuff, and yellow because I had blonde hair). Being a nerd that I am, I've been using it in games since and have certainly deserved the notoriety that comes with it. But, ants being hard working, tenacious little buggers, I decided it was a better choice than coming up with a 'marketing type' name, as it does reflect my working habits in many ways.

The future

As far as web development goes, the main focus will always be on building quality, modern, and long lasting solutions. There are a total of 25 planned services, and if they're all up by the end of 2023, I'll be pretty happy. As for verticals, I would like to see more different content types on web sites, and more engaging ways of website interaction. I may re-release a project that was very succesful in trials, and hope to release at least one of the games I'm working on in 2023. So plenty to look forward to, time permitting.

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