Whether you wish to promote your new or existing business, want to get the world to know you via a website or a blog, want to share insight into a project you're working on and gain support, we'll have a vision of how to help you make that happen. Websites are essential for businesses, but are also a great way of promoting yourself, your idea, project, work, or product as an individual just the same.

It has been quite a few years since online presence has become a must to stay relevant, and now, unless your business exists online, it doesn't exist at all. It's as simple as that.

What exactly falls under 'website'?

In this context 'website' means any site that is not a web shop, catalogue or a custom built project. So this can be an info site, blog, gallery, personal project site and similar, where purpose is relaying information.

How much does a website cost?

Every site is different in one way or another, so there is no one size fits all answer. For a 10 page info site suitable for small businesses and individuals, the industry estimates anywhere from AUD$2,000 to AUD$10,000 to build, depending on how/what with it is built, the amount of work it will take to complete, and both depend on the project requirements. We use Joomla! CMS (Content Management System) which you can read more about here, second most popular CMS in the world after WordPress, and majority of our info site projects fall between AUD$3,500 and AUD$7,000 range to build.

What's included in a website?

Structure aside as it is completely dependent on the project at hand, each website includes:

  • the build
  • responsive visuals
  • image optimisation*
  • site optimisation**
  • basic SEO for all pages***
  • any applicable licenses
  • administration education
  • optional long term maintenance (recommended) and administration packages available

* Image optimisation means preparing your images for the web. Reducing image size and image 'weight' in terms of storage. It does not include image processing, improving images or modifying image format ratios.
** site optimisation means improving content delivery by means of compressing data sent from the server to reduce load times and improve user experience and page speed ratings
*** basic SEO means we cover SEO title, description and image alt tags. In depth SEO is available as an optional service.

Licences you say?

There are no licenses for the site or its use. Above mentioned licenses are strictly for additionally required components (added functionality if required) that may not be free, and come with a free updates period (3-12 months in general). Any such license purchased is yours for life (rare subscription based services if needed, are excluded). One license we always use is the visual framework on which we build the site layout, and usually results in around 50-70% lower costs of visual side of development than custom programming.

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