SEO we write is a common sense approach to meta data. Description is simple and reflects the page, keywords which Google doesn't use anymore are still used on request, and are a combination of important words reflecting the content and long tail terms ('printer, ink, cartridge' and 'printer ink cartridge'), alt tags (image tags) are used, and overall SEO in mind design is used, with page elements reflecting current recommended practices.

SEO we do has so far proven very good, especially since it relies on those bits of information alone, and not on paid advertising. Depending on locality of the website, it has more often than not resulted in first page rankings without any paid campaigns. Of course, in highly competitive environments, you may have no other option but to resort to campaigns.

In short, we take care of technical side of SEO, making sure that all your building blocks are there, that the architecture is SEO friendly, the design user friendly, that it's content is relevant to search engines and users, and that if you wish, can easily head on with paid advertising.

We do not offer marketing services in any shape or form. There are plenty of marketing companies that are better equipped for working on that side of things for you, and if we find a good one, we'll recommend them here.

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