Website Maintenance

Technology changes at such a rapid pace that there are a number of updates every month. These can be security releases, new features being added, potential bug fixes and similar. Website maintenance involves updates to your website and its parts. Tech savvy users can easily do most maintenance tasks, but if you don't want to worry about it, we offer maintenance service for your website in a form of monthly time allocation packages.

Time requirements vary based on your website. As an idea, a simple info site on average requires 1-2 hours per month with updates done on weekly or bi-weekly basis. Stores and catalogues have more building blocks and require more time. Maintenance consists of full site backup, applying available updates and testing. At times, but pretty rarely, there are major updates required to all sites no matter the platform, which are result of changes to Google services, GDPR or cookie rules and such. These are sometimes impossible to predict ahead of time to be taken into regular maintenance cycles, but more often than not, they are also taken care of via updates. In an event that such updates pose a larger time requirement, we request permission for extra hours to be approved.

Some components used may be of paid license type. These are lifetime usage licenses, but most come with a time limit for updates (usually 3-12 months). With maintenance plans, we will calculate and schedule those to alert you before an update period is about to end, so you can decide whether you wish to renew, and are not included in the price of maintenance.

Please note, maintenance packages are on offer for the projects we built and do not include maintenance of third party built websites. If your existing website is on Joomla! CMS, please do get in touch for an estimate.

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